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February 29

Dîner - Cabaret Opéra : "ProZäK Opéra" de Gala Damen


Dinner - Cabaret Opéra: "ProZäK Opéra" or how to stay healthy in this crazy world!?

Have you seen what world we live in? Fortunately, the Great Composers have given us 12 unstoppable medecine to resist the madness of our time. With GALA Damen, find out the teachings of Professor Mozart, Doctor Handel, Maestro Purcell etc. in “ProZäK Opera”. A joyful musical prescription because: “Great composers will always be stronger than antidepressants!” » Will you regain some happiness?

“ProZäK Opéra” is a Cabaret Opéra show. Cabaret Opera is a mixed art. From Cabaret, he borrows his truculence, his humor, his sense of derision and his privileged relationship with the public. From the Opera, he borrows... its composers, its librettists and its great arias! There are also small and large stories, poetry, clowns and sometimes stories. So many opportunities to revisit some great classics of Lyric Art (Opera, French melodies, madrigal, baroque pieces, etc.) in the light of our Human Condition. Cabaret Opera or Laughter and Beauty as remedies for this world!

GALA Damen - This Soprano Cabarettist, lyrical performer and actress, trained at the Conservatory, navigates with lightness between classical and alternative scenes, lyric recitals and crazy improvisations, solos and collectives. Its “ProZäK Opéra”, an interactive show, is suitable for all audiences: children/adults; Opera lovers… or (definitely) not!

ProZäK Opera, extract: https://youtu.be/a1ZE0RWe4Z8

GALA Damen, the Opera in all its forms: https://youtu.be/v6faXJ1nrhs

Useful information :

Prices: Mandatory consumption at the bar and/or restaurant and conscientious artists' hat

Reservations: Limited places: reservation recommended by email: contact@lemacareux.fr or by telephone at

Hours: open for drinks and dinner from 6:30 p.m. to 11:45 p.m. - Possibility of dining with the artist after the show. Show at 8:30 p.m.


Map showing the address of LE MACAREUX


15 Rue du Croissant
75002 Paris